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The Best Allocator of Capital

Advice to President Obama: .”..we’re going to unclog the arteries. My banking experts have analyzed each of your balance sheets. You will tell us if we’re right. Those of you who are insolvent, we will nationalize and shut down. We … Continue reading

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A Bailout Alternative: Section 8

Adapting the Section 8 housing subsidy model, government might have the answer we are looking for that will abate the cascading housing crisis. At the root of most of our economy’s problems, especially the contraction in our credit markets and … Continue reading

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The Post-Leverage Economy

If 40:1 leverage was responsible for much of the GDP growth over the last decade or so, what does this mean for us going forward? Here are a couple of questions we should be asking to determine where we are … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Property Project!

I’m hoping to add some facts, figures and non-fiction on topics related to investing, finance, real estate and economics here. Enjoy!

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